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about me by mausuuu
I like food. And Harry Styles.


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That's not it though! I'd be going with my best friend Sammi, ALSO we'd go to Great America AND WE MIGHT GET MEET AND GREET TICKETS LIKE HOLY MOTHER FUCKER KSHGLKSHLFHS:fHKSJ I'M GONNA DIE IF SHE GETS THE TICKETS!!!!!!!!
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So.. Lately people have been writing comments back to me that a wrote when I first joined dA (when I was 11... Hehe...) And obviously I was to young to join this sight, since now I'm 14.

So I wrote some pretty stupid comments, and people have been replying to them. 

If I wrote the comment 3 years ago, don't reply! People change! Like I'm not into Mario Bros anymore. I mean, I play occasionally but I've changed A LOT in these past few years which is something people don't understand and need to. I have people still commenting on my pictures, asking me about Mario Bros. Look I'm sorry but I'm not into that stuff anymore. I'm a 14 year old fangirl. I'm not in the Mario Bros fandom anymore. It hurts to say it but I've just grown out of it. I don't roleplay anymore I don't run my group much anymore, I don't draw much anymore, I'm not the same girl who joined this website years ago.

The comment I wrote was quite rude honestly, but I was 11! I didn't care about other's opinions. Now I do. 

Example: If you're apart of the 1D fandom, you'll know what Elounor and Larry are. If you aren't and don't know what those mean, SIT YO ASS DOWN.

Elounor is a ship name for Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder (Louis' girlfriend)
Larry is a ship name for Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. People think the 2 are gay and have a secret relationship. 

People think Eleanor is Louis' beard. I'm an Elounor shipper so I don't believe that's true. I believe Louis and El have a true relationship.

If I was 11, I would've been hating on all Larry shippers and would've been a total bitch about it. 

Now, I know that Larry shippers are people too. We're all apart of the same fandom. I have SO many friends that are Larry shippers and we don't fight about it! 

See? I've changed XD

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Hey guys. There's a lot that needs to be said.

This year has been very different for me, physically and mentally. I'm in 8th grade and beginning to fall in love with not only fictional characters and/or celebrities. But real people in school. Don't worry i don't have a boyfriend or anything, but there's a special someone who's stolen my heart. I've liked him since December of 2013. I've refused to say I love him but I think it's come too that.

Latley I've been going through a lot, more like these past 2 months. I've been extremley busy with school, friends, and my love life. I volunteer now on Fridays at my elementary school with my friends. I'm busy every weekend and this week my friend is staying at my house.

My taste in music has changed drastically. Instead of liking Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, I like One Direction, who aren't as girly as you think, and 5 Seconds of Summer.

Also I've been going through depression. I've been self harming myself occasionally and have cried myself to sleep plenty of times. I've been bullied in school and it hasn't been very fun. I've been called gay many times. I'm not. I'm straight. I've fallen deeply in love with someone (a boy) and am not sexually attracted to girls. 

Something else has changed. I'm not a gamer anymore. I don't play Mario Bros a lot. I do occasionally, but not as much as I used to. I don't play very much anymore and don't draw Mario fan art, I barley even draw anymore.

I probably won't be posting very much on this account anymore, my username doesn't represent me anymore. I want to change my username but I don't have a premium so I can't.

I might leave this account. I don't want to since it's been with my for 2 years but it just doesn't represent me.

I won't be posting much at all anymore. Maybe some stories that I've written but that's all.

I don't draw very much anymore, since I have a lot on my plate.

I wish I could go back to the time when I loved to draw everyday and I loved playing Mario Bros and I wasn't falling for someone, but I've changed. I'm not that same happy bubbly girl who made this account 2 years ago. Instead of being myself around others, I've become very quiet and restricted. I don't like it. But it's who I've become. I don't want to force myself to play video games anymore. I don't want to force myself to draw because I honestly will think it looks like shit and I'll delete it.

I'm going into high school next year. I'm growing up. I'm not the same cute elementary 11 year old who created her account on this website called deviantART because her older sister did. I now have too many responsibilites to run this account and go onto dA 2 hours every day. I only come on here to reply to a long going note conversation with a few of my closest online friends who i could ever leave or else I wouldn't be here today.

If you want to keep in touch, please kik me at sh.abby

I won't be drawing Mario fanart anymore. It just isn't me. I won't leave this account, just won't be on as much, only to reply to note messages daily. I'm sorry but I can't anymore.

I love you guys more than anything. Thank you for making these 2 years worth it.

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agentbananayum's Profile Picture
Abby Styles
Artist | Student | Photography
United States
Hello my fabulous glorious crazy mental friends. Welcome to my profile! Let's start off with some things about me!

-My name is Abigail. But people mostly call me Abby. But you can call me Abigail, Abby, Abbs, or Mrs. Styles

-I'm a huge fan of One Direction. Harry is my favorite! I saw them on September 11th, 2014 and that's the night I died 7 times.

-I'm 14 years old. My birthday is August 19th

-I have an older sister named Holly

-I'm in 8th grade, so I'm still in Middle School

-I love photography

-I love science and helping people

-I'm very insecure

-I'm a Mario gamer. Not much anymore but I still play sometimes

-I was raised around music. My family is very music orriented.

-Astronomy is kinda my thing. It's my biggest passion.

-I play the flute, some guitar, and some piano. But I play flute the most.

-My family and friends mean more to me than anything

-My biggest fear is to fall in love because I've been used 3/4 times in relationships and when I begin to gain feelings for someone it's like entering hell for me.

-I do have a crush on someone.

-I love 5 Seconds of Summer. I saw them live with One Direction! Ashton is my favorite out of the 4

-I've always been more of a tomboy.

-I hang out with the geeky kids. That makes me one too!

-I'm very self conscious and sensitive. I take things quite seriously and I don't believe anyone could ever love me. I feel as if I'm the ugliest girl on the planet and that I'll end up alone :(

"I've Always Wanted To Be One Of Those People Who Didn't Really Care Much About What People Thought About Them, But I Don't Think I Am." -H.S

"So Just Turn Around And Forget What You Saw, Cause Good Girls Are Bad Girls That Haven't Been Caught" -5SOS

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One Direction

5 Seconds of Summer

Youtubers (Zoella, Troy Sivan, Tyler Oakley, Joe Sugg, Ryan Higa, Caspar Lee, Connor Franta, Troyler, Jaspar, Raya, and Kate)

Maroon 5

Taylor Swift

Ed Sheeran

Mario Bros

Legend of Zelda

Pretty Little Liars

Walking Dead

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