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:bulletred: I don't do animals! Only people and nature :bulletred:
:bulletred: It may take a few days due to my schedule:bulletred:
Please donate!!!! Please Please Please PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want a premuim membershi SO BADLY!!!!!!! I would really appreciate it!!!!! :iconimsorryplz:
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Hey guys. There's a lot that needs to be said.

This year has been very different for me, physically and mentally. I'm in 8th grade and beginning to fall in love with not only fictional characters and/or celebrities. But real people in school. Don't worry i don't have a boyfriend or anything, but there's a special someone who's stolen my heart. I've liked him since December of 2013. I've refused to say I love him but I think it's come too that.

Latley I've been going through a lot, more like these past 2 months. I've been extremley busy with school, friends, and my love life. I volunteer now on Fridays at my elementary school with my friends. I'm busy every weekend and this week my friend is staying at my house.

My taste in music has changed drastically. Instead of liking Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, I like One Direction, who aren't as girly as you think, and 5 Seconds of Summer.

Also I've been going through depression. I've been self harming myself occasionally and have cried myself to sleep plenty of times. I've been bullied in school and it hasn't been very fun. I've been called gay many times. I'm not. I'm straight. I've fallen deeply in love with someone (a boy) and am not sexually attracted to girls. 

Something else has changed. I'm not a gamer anymore. I don't play Mario Bros a lot. I do occasionally, but not as much as I used to. I don't play very much anymore and don't draw Mario fan art, I barley even draw anymore.

I probably won't be posting very much on this account anymore, my username doesn't represent me anymore. I want to change my username but I don't have a premium so I can't.

I might leave this account. I don't want to since it's been with my for 2 years but it just doesn't represent me.

I won't be posting much at all anymore. Maybe some stories that I've written but that's all.

I don't draw very much anymore, since I have a lot on my plate.

I wish I could go back to the time when I loved to draw everyday and I loved playing Mario Bros and I wasn't falling for someone, but I've changed. I'm not that same happy bubbly girl who made this account 2 years ago. Instead of being myself around others, I've become very quiet and restricted. I don't like it. But it's who I've become. I don't want to force myself to play video games anymore. I don't want to force myself to draw because I honestly will think it looks like shit and I'll delete it.

I'm going into high school next year. I'm growing up. I'm not the same cute elementary 11 year old who created her account on this website called deviantART because her older sister did. I now have too many responsibilites to run this account and go onto dA 2 hours every day. I only come on here to reply to a long going note conversation with a few of my closest online friends who i could ever leave or else I wouldn't be here today.

If you want to keep in touch, please kik me at sh.abby

I won't be drawing Mario fanart anymore. It just isn't me. I won't leave this account, just won't be on as much, only to reply to note messages daily. I'm sorry but I can't anymore.

I love you guys more than anything. Thank you for making these 2 years worth it.

  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Eating: Crackers
  • Drinking: Ginger Ale
GUYS!!! I'm going to a One Direction concert Thursday, September 11th and I'm SOOOOO EXCITED!!!
I'm going with my best friend Sammi! But she's being effing ANNOYING at the moment UGH I wanna kill her!
So she thinks my crush likes me back, and so do eight other people. So this is our convo word for word...

Sammi: I said Abby around him in the halls. I said "I'm going to a concert with Abby" to my friend and he stared at me like I was a diseased animal.

Me: What? Why would he stare at you like a diseased animal>

Sammi: Because I said your name and he likes you so he started to listen to me. Keep up Abby! Jk.

Me: That's not true!!! If he goes up to me and says "I heard you're going to a concert with your friend" then I'll believe you.

Sammi: Oh shut up he's too nervous to chat with you.

Me: How do you know that??

Sammi: Cause little tweety bird told me (:


Sammi: (;

Me: I'm literally going to kill you tomorrow. Who told you that?

Sammi: Nope.

Me: Sammi I'm not joking who told you that?

Me: No one told you that.


And she hasn't replied and tomorrow I'm gonna KILLLLL HERRRRRR!!!!!!!
  • Mood: Rant
  • Listening to: Bruno Mars
  • Reading: Fanfics
  • Eating: Crackers
  • Drinking: Ginger Ale
I'm gonna die tomorrow. 

So the 1D Concert is REALLY soon! So my best friend and I thought "Hey! We should go to the mall Saturday and go shopping before the concert!"

So we're going to the mall tomorrow. So I was texting my other friend and she asked.

"So Abby... Got any plans this weekend?"

"I'm going to the mall with Sammi to shop for the concert! What about you?"

"Haha I might go to the mall with ____, _____, and ___ tomorrow! Haha!"

One of those blanks happens to be the name of my crush! So what if I bump into him there?! 8 people ship us together but still it's REALLY scary to think about because he's my crush and I always make a HUGE fool of myself around him or act like a total bitch! I'm so dead...
  • Mood: Uneasy
  • Listening to: Bruno Mars
  • Reading: Fanfics
  • Eating: Crackers
  • Drinking: Ginger Ale


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Le Bonne Vie

Warning: My profile is VERY long. You are about to experience a profile with lots of useless stuff so.... umm... yeah.... Enjoy!
Take this quiz on my! (Hint: Study up by looking at my profile!! ;) )
My #1 supporter :star::iconmarioxmariana::star:
Thanks buddy! :D

My Plz Account - :iconifreakingloveitplz:
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A Little Bio on Me!

Hey Guys! I'm Abigail! But everyone calls me Abby or Abbs! I'm a clumsy, weird, awkward, geeky seventh grade girl who loves video games, listening to music, and Starbucks! I'm also a crazy fan of One Direction! Especially Harry Styles! I'm pretty good at Science but I suck at math. I play the flute, a little bit of guitar and piano. I'm not the most popular girl in school, I'm more like the girl who never gets noticed, like an outsider. My friends and I aren't exactly the normal kids in school. We never get noticed during class, and we eat in a teachers classroom, with the other outsiders who will get bullied or pushed around if they eat in the cafeteria. But I'm okay with that, because we do what we want, instead of trying to be like everyone else.

Why Did I Join deviantART?
I joined deviantART so I could express my art to other people who couldn't judge me for it. But the main reason why i joined dA was to escape everyone. On deviantART I only know 2 people in real life, so on dA I can be myself and express myself without having to worry about anyone judging me. dA gives me a chance to make new friends and get away from all the drama and just worry about art, not average middle school drama.
Some Fun Facts About Me!!
:bulletblue: I'm 13
:bulletblue: My birthday is August 19th
:bulletblue: I'm a huge One Direction fanatic!
:bulletblue: I've never been out of the United States
:bulletblue: I'm a big Mario Gamer!
:bulletblue: I have 2 dogs (Windy and Kipper)
:bulletblue: I have 2 cats (Sissy and Tiger)
:bulletblue: I love Instagram!
:bulletblue: I have a HUGE fear of spiders and all bugs!
:bulletblue: I used to live in New Jersey, USA
:bulletblue: I LOVE Mario Kart!
:bulletblue: I have a ''twin'' (my best friend and I look A LOT a like)
:bulletblue: I want to move to to Los Angeles, California when I grow up!
:bulletblue: My favorite Youtuber are Piddleass, Raya, Nigahiga, and Conner Franta
:bulletblue: I love roller skating!
:bulletblue: My favorite flavor is cherry!
:bulletblue: My favorite colors are Orange and Blue!
:bulletblue: I'm sorta a stalker... (I know harry styles' blood type...:blush:)
:bulletblue: I love Minecraft!!:)
:bulletblue: I LOVE One Direction!!!!!!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
My favorite words

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█ 10% Smart :dummy:
██ 20% Romantic!
███ 30% smoooooooth clumsy
████ 40% Weird!
█████ 50% :heart:Harry Styles:heart:
██████ 60% Dreamer
███████ 70 % Gamer
████████ 80% Mario Fan
█████████ 90% Directioner!!
██████████ 100% Abby!!!!

C.L.A.S.S.= C.ome L.ate A.nd S.tart S.leeping
M.A.T.H = M.ental A.buse T.o H.umans
profile/default/76561197997437407.png" alt="" title="" />

Request chart
:star-empty: - Haven't started
:bulletorange: - Drawn traditionally
:bulletpurple: - Scanned onto computer
:bulletblack: - Traced
:star-half: - Halfway finished
:bulletpink: - Halfway finished coloring
:star: - Finished!! :iconimhappyjrplz:
I'm also Lizzy in FireFlowersXD *FFXD* We decided to create a new account! We have a whole new website and a new well, everything! The link to our website is at the VERY bottom of my profile! XD We have plenty of videos and much more to come!
Our Channel -…
Our Website -…
Don't break my heart!!!
Patrick Star Stamp by UneasilyInfluenced

Things that make me smile!:)
:heart: One Direction
:heart: Harry Styles
:bulletorange: Mario Bros
:heart: My Friends
:heart: My Family
:bulletorange: Music
:bulletorange: Technology! (cell phones, computers, ect.)
:bulletorange: Whales
:bulletorange: EOS
:bulletorange: Stuffed Animals!
:bulletorange: Color
:bulletorange: Writing
:heart: One Direction! Did I already say that...
:bulletorange: Making YouTube videos!
:bulletorange: Starbucks!
Things that make me frown!:(
:bulletred: Bugs (escecially spiders and bees!)
:bulletred: One Direction Haters! (unless your my friend!)
:bulletred: Stuck-Ups
:bulletred: Lockers
:bulletred: Annoying People! Obviously!
:bulletred: Middle School/High School hallways!
:bulletred: My Spanish teacher!

My fave Mario characters (Least to best)
10. Baby Daisy Baby Daisy is now with you by Mloun
9. Rosalina Rosalina and Lumas avatar by ZatchHunter
8.Boo Boo Icon by LegoMyFoot
7.Toadette Choose Toadette by Mloun
6.Toad Request: Toad Icon by RANDOM-drawer357
5.Luigi SSBB animated Luigi avatar by ZatchHunter
4. Mario SSBB animated Mario avatar by ZatchHunter
3. Daisy MandL3Edit Princess daisy Icon by Marios-Friend9
2.Yoshi SSBB animated Yoshi avatar by ZatchHunter
1! Peach SSBB animated Peach avatar by ZatchHunter
:heart: One Direction :heart:
I might have a small obsession with One Direction!! Who am I kidding! I have One Direction Infection!!! They're so amazing, great singers, sweet, gorgeous, funny, AHHH!!!!! They're my life! I can't stop listening to there music and fan girling! I love :heart: Harry Styles :heart: He's my life!!! I love him so much!!!
#1 fan family
#1 Daisy Fans :iconprincessdaisyrocks10: :iconno1daisyfan:
#1 Peach fan :iconpeachfan23::iconlemoved:
#1 Rosalina Fan :iconrosalinasbiggest1fan:
#1 Selena Gomez fan :iconpeaceselenagomez:
#1 Mario fan :iconclothemariolover:
#1 Luigi fan :icondaisy-and-luigi:
My sister - :iconwindy1311:
That's really it! She's my only family member on dA! :dummy:
People I know in real life
Please Watch these amazing people!!!
:iconglitz7: - She's my homegirly!! She's one of my internet best friends ever!! I can tell her anything and she's hilarious!! You MUST go watch her RIGHT NOW!!

:iconmarioxmariana: - This girl is so sweet, funny, an amazing role player, and a great friend! She has great art too! Please watch her!!

:iconwindy1311: - My sister! She's an amazing artist! PALEASE watch her!

:iconno1daisyfan: - She's so awesome and sweet! You should watch her! She has great art!

:iconin--another--castle: - She's Princess Peach!! She's so sweet, nice, and kind! Watch her!

:iconparatroopacx: - She has the best art ever! Please watch her! She's so pretty and cool!
And of course ever single one of my watchers!!!
But my absolute favorite artist on deviantART who is just a freaking mazing is :iconparatroopacx:
Here are some places where you can find me
Super Mario Wiki sign up-…
Super Mario Wiki sign in -…
Youtube- Agentbananayum…
Youtube - FireFlowersXD -…
Instagram -
One Direction Stamp by FailiehI love 1D Stamp by kimbo2450One Direction Stamp by Aguz001better Harry Styles stamp by EpicTwizzyHarry Styles by SmearingSinNiall Horan by SmearingSinDirectioner Stamp by TheWritingDragonPretty Little Liars Stamp by INmommyof2Pretty Little Liars stamp by Sweetdreams22Stamp: Imagine Dragons by AraktugageImagine Dragons Stamp by gelatineuseI luff cheese by prosaixI luff chocolate by prosaixHot Chocolate Stamp by Kezzi-RoseGeek before it was cool stamp by quazoUseless Cool-looking Stamp by X-wing9XD Stamp by MimiMarieTteddy stamp by findyQSnoopy Stamp by the-gaywolfCookies Stamp by the-gaywolfSave The Whales by OlegVRKBlue whales. by Monster-BoarI love Dolphins by WishmasterAlchemistTurtle Stamp by Sky-YoshiPajamas Stamp by WorldincoffeeIcecream Stamp by Kezzi-RoseSushi Stamp by FluffntuffSushi Love Stamp by wangqrIcecream Love Stamp by wangqrBeach Stamp by PawkeetMusical Stamp by MatthewsStampsFries stamp - Amersill by stamps-clubLouis Tomlinson by SmearingSinOne Direction, Spongebob, and Dora by TheWritingDragonEarth Without Art by TheWritingDragonFrozen Anna Stamp by TheWritingDragonStamp elsa frozen by HavickTheLionPSYCH You Out In The End by azianwolfdollPsych quote stamp 7 by anime-girl13Psych quote stamp 8 by anime-girl13Loading... Psyche by stuck-in-suburbiaDivergent Stamp by xxtayceHanna by SmearingSin

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